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Updated 17 November 2014

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The Family History of the; McLeod, Smyth, Lamont, Clark, Silk, Hampson, Spooner, Turley, Timmins, Wood, Wheatley, Buckley, Ryan, Donohoe/Denahy, Reineke, Koch, Doyle, Pearce, Jones, Kirk, Ball, Lucy, Fealy, Oppitz, Urbanczyk, Naundorf, Teubner and many more family names, is due in no small part to the hard work of their descendants and not forgetting fellow researchers.

Among those due special mention are; Paul and Debbie McLeod, Rex Harwood, Cliff Duncan, Margaret and John Buckley, Barbara Proud, Carsten Stemmer, Derek Cotton, Philippa Goodyear, Rex Greeneklee, Tilman Grüneklee, Carolyne Turner, John Markham, Norman Lucey, Michelle Wilson, Linda Wright, Dennis Smith, Marion Williams, Judy Sams, Wayne Rogers, Sylvia Corteen, Sandra Smith, John Hampson, Tony Metcalfe, Jodie Paull, Kerry Taylor and Faye Oppitz.

Ernest Reineke's ancestry in Germany was prepared by Peter Schraeder.

Website researched and compiled by Faye Oppitz.

As all data has been included in good faith, please note that these files are the ongoing research of, for the most part, amateur genealogists, and may contain inaccurate information. Please use these files as a guide only, and verify all information. If any errors are discovered, you have new data to add, or you are also a descendant, please let us know.

Appearing in the above flashing photos are:
Abraham Buckley / George Maxwell, Edward R, Hazel and George N A McLeod / George, Ernest and Edward J Jones with their father William Jones / Fred and Henry Reineke / Hazel McLeod / George B J McLeod, Elijah Silk and Elizabeth Kitt / Mary Doyle with Caroline, baby Amelia, William and Henry Reineke / Caroline Reineke with Allan and Vera Buckley / Ernest Reineke / Edward J Jones and Beatrice Ball / Mary Doyle when a girl / Mary Doyle grown / Les Jones and Hazel McLeod / baby George B J McLeod / Mary Doyle (smiling) with Caroline, baby Amelia, William and Henry Reineke / Elizabeth Pearce / Vera Buckley and George B J McLeod / George N McLeod and Sarah Silk with Trixie / Les and Frank Jones / Les Jones in a Spitfire.

And the people in the Enter picture on the opening page are:
William Jones, Caroline Reineke, Ernest Reineke, Bach, Les Jones, Hazel McLeod, Vera Buckley, Elfriede Urbanczyk, George Oppitz, Lily Jones and Roy Buckley all standing on a background of Pitsea, Essex

I have used all maiden names to make them easier to identify in the index.

Both created by Kira Jade.

Faye Oppitz
ourfamhist (at) ymail.com

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